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Standing Rock

It is the start of a new year, 2017, and also palpably the start of a new era, an American administration of fear and a time of despair for the future for many. In direct opposition to this despair is the movement at Standing Rock, where the Standing Rock Sioux have been joined by tribes … Continue reading

At Long Last

After 7 years of following every other path, I have come back to where I knew I would end up: becoming a teacher. I may not have taken the full road I thought I would, and there is no way I could have anticipated the journey I was about to take when I declined acceptance … Continue reading

A Check In Your Mail

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in, as per usual.  It’s not due to a lack of things happening in my life, that’s for sure, rather the opposite.  I’ve relocated states, changed vocations, and transformed internally as well.  I’ll focus a little bit here on the latter of these changes because I have some … Continue reading

Nicaragua, Nicaraguita…

I originally published this post on the blog Nicaragua Delegation 2011 as part of Multnomah Monthly Meeting’s efforts to share stories from our groups time at the Jubilee House Community in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua.  Though long overdue, I wanted to share with you this snippet of my perspective in that country on that trip.  More written … Continue reading

Paradise Returned

Just when you thought this blog was going to be all about music and such, well… let’s face it, what’s more photogenic?  Musicians?  Sadly, no. What’s more accessible than a picture? And in that spirit, I made a quick return visit to Hawaii where I used to work and play.  I was there for my … Continue reading

Music for the New Year from the Recent Past

I trust that you all had a good slide into the New Year, as the Germans say, and that you can forgive me for sliding into a lazy schedule of posting here.  Changes are underway in this blog (soon to be articulated under About This Here Thing), and to start things off, I’d like to … Continue reading

Gaziantep, the Motherland

You didn’t think I’d leave out all of the pictures from the weekend trip to Gaziantep, did you?  Well, the last post was getting gargantuan, and these days, my internet connection is entirely reliant upon the willful wifi of various Portland coffeeshops (hey, if I’m going to pay for the internet, I may as well … Continue reading

Turkey: The Final Weeks

Well now, it’s been a good two months since I left Turkey…. but hey, better late than never, especially with pictures.  I’m afraid that I’m a little too far removed spatially, sequentially and mentally from the place by now to provide much of a coherent narrative for these pictures.  But, there are a few good … Continue reading

Coasting, Continued…

Welcome to a new format for a new country.  I’ve been in Turkey for a little over two weeks, with a pit stop in Amsterdam, moving from Istanbul to Amasra to Bolu then Ankara as a semi-final destination.  I’m on a visit to connect with family, traveling first with my brother and mother from Istanbul, … Continue reading

From Coast to Coast to Coast

As usual, much has occurred since last post: moved away from the isle of Kaua`i, Hawaii back to the Pacific Northwest, traveled to and fro between Portland and Olympia, then hopped over to Turkey, by way of Amsterdam.  I love that this is a picture blog, and I can tell this story through images without … Continue reading